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Hello. I am using Windows XP and Labview 7.0. I downloaded the driver ni488.2 (for windows xp) v2.4.  When I run "Verify your hardware abd software installations" , I realized that the software was successfully installed. However, the PC could still not see the interface.
By talking to a colleague of mine, I got the impression that there is a type of glitch and that I need to modify some feature on the PC. However, he was not sure about what I need to do.
Could anyone shed some light?
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Hi Kassie,

      The NI-488 drivers are only supposed to work with NI hardware, assuming you have an NI PCI-GPIB adapter(?):

I don't know if you're situation requires this, but sometimes this works: Smiley Wink shut-down the PC, remove the card.  Boot the PC (without GPIB board.)  After PC is booted, shut-down the PC and install the GPIB adapter board.  Boot the PC, Start MAX and look for board.

Hope it helps!

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Hello, P.J.:

Thank you so much for you answer. The problem was really easy to resolved.

The interface is NI, indeed. However, it got misplaced, as we were moving the machine around.

Again, thanks a lot for helping out. 

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