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Need to graph one DAQ output vs. a second DAQ output on the same graph.

I am having trouble graphing two DAQ assistant outputs on the same graph.  One output vs. the second output.
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What kind of troubles exactly are you having? If they are two analog DAQ Assistants, you should be using a single one that captures both channels. The output of that would be wired to a graph and both would be automatically displayed. Even if you do use two separate ones, all you need to do is use the Merge Signals function and wire the output of that to the waveform graph.
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Hi there,
You have to convert the DDT signal that comes from the DAQ Assistant to get or data in two arrays.
Then bundle them into a cluster and use a XY Graph.
See attached example:
Hope this helps,
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I fumbled a bit with this also- I needed to plot a counter vs an analog. Make sure you dont try to plot one "waveform" wire vs another since both contain timebase info in the array. If you are working with waveform data types then you'll need to extract the actual data values from each to plot against each other. Alternatively try changing the data type and use the msec multiple as a tmiebase.
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I tried clustering the array and feeding it into an XY graph but when I run the VI the data doesn't show up while I am taking data.  I need something like an XY chart but I don't think there is such a thing.  Thanks for the help so far.
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There is a shipping example called XY Chart. If you want to plot point by point as the data is being acquired and a history option like a regular chart, this will do the trick. The Express XY Graph can also be used. If you use the Express function, set the Reset input to False.
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