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passing data between objects of different class in Labview 2016 application

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i am developing an application using LabVIEW 2016. i have used Queue: instantiated 8 objects of (Analog inputs) Channel class and single object of COM port class (Digital outputs - Relays).

all 8 objects of channel class are enqueuing data and output of the queue is being dequeued to COM port object.

with this i have problem of jittering of Relays as each channel bit is not being synchronized / merge (required to OR each byte from 8 channel objects and pass single byte to the COM port). 

Can you Please suggest OO solution for passing data between objects of different class.


Thank you.


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It really depends on the specific timing when the channel objects enqueue their data. If it's, say every 100ms, all together, but not in a fixed order, then you can simply make a wrapper class that accepts the read value from each channel object, keeps track which one it has received and once all channels have been received, OR the values and send it to the COM port class.

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