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parameter for DLL not found

hai guys,


Currently im workin on building a dll in labview 2009 and to be used in labwindows CVI. When i build specification to built the DLL i can see all the input and output parameters(Attach1) but when i wanted to retest the dll that i created again i Labview before use it in CVI i  cannot see the output and input parameters (Attach2)&(Attach3).


Plz do help me to solve this issue. thanks in advance




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Hi Shamaran,


When using the Call Library Function Node to call a DLL in LabVIEW, you normally need to add the parameters manually, just as what you experience in your 2nd screenshot.


If a Type Library (*.lib file) is generated together with the DLL, and your DLL uses simple datatype (int, string, etc.), LabVIEW may be able to automatically detect all parameters correctly.


However, I see from your first screenshot that your function prototype has a rather complex list of parameters. That is why you can't get them automatically added in LabVIEW. Please add them manually to use the DLL.


Some other considerations for calling a DLL created from LabVIEW are available in this KB.

You may also find this KB useful for calling a LabVIEW DLL from CVI.


Let me know if you need more help.


Best regards,


M. Guo

Applications Engineer


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