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optimisation on labview 8.0 !!!

Hi !!!
I would like to converge and find a solution on labview 8.0. I have 2 types of signals, on one hand, I have simulated results: sim1, sim2, sim3, sim4 and on the other hand i have measured results: meas1, meas2, meas3, meas4. These signals are acquired on Labview 8.0. Then my purpose is to compare the signals: sim1 with meas1, sim2 with meas2, ... Then regardless to the error of the 2 signals (for example < 10^-4), I would like to make labview generate a new parameter (to be changed) in the software that generate the simulated results and when my error is < 10^-4, i keep the good parameter that have been found.
Can anyone help me on how i can do that please ?!!
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Try to look at this shipping example of LabVIEW. This should give you an idea how to use the optimization funtions in LabVIEW 8.

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.0\examples\math\curvefit.llb\Estimate Nonlinear Spring

After you understand this demo, you just need to modify the initial simulation to load your first measured signal and the final simulation to use your simulated signal with the parameter that you need to modify.

Hope this help!

Barp - Control, Simulation, RTT and HIL - National Instruments
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You can do nonlinear (and global) parameter estimation with some of the TOMVIEW tools:

Since you have simulation the problem is most likely not smooth and also noisy. I would run glcDirect first and then try NLSSOL. can be used as a template for this problem type.

Best wishes, Marcus

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