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open vi reference slow



I have developed a packed library *.lvlibp with a few analysis vis which shell be called dynamically by an external exe. I call this vis via the open vi reference. Unfortunately this call (wait until exit of vi) takes very long. My test shows that when I call this vi via the vi-ref it takes 33 seconds - with integration into the external application via sub-vi only 400ms. Is there a way to accelerate this dynamic call? The values to the vi ref are set/get via the control-value attributes.


Any hints are appreciated.


Best Regards,




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Hi Joachim!

Maybe your vi is simply taking 33s to be loaded.

Try the following:

- embed your analysis vi in the main vi, in a section of code that is NEVER executed (e.g. FALSE case of a case structure, with a constant TRUE wired to it)

- try again to use "open vi reference" and check if this time is "quicker" (since the vi should be already loaded).






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