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obstacle avoidance software for mobile robot

hi everyone, i am very very new to this project that need to use the labview to do the mobile robot. i need help if you all know how to do using labview or got anyresearch that anyone of  you have. i do not know where to start as  i been struggle for days and here to seek help. do help me...

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thanks Bob_schor for the reply. your help would be a great help for me

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hi everyone, wanna ask some question, as i am new... Right now very stress on how to do although after seeing the tutorial... as i weak in programming and labview. my project objective is to develop an labview software to control myRIO.


do i need to write/key in program for it to run the hardware at myRIO device?? if yes, how do i key?


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Do not try to understand everything at once. Go step by step. Take time, and first aim for smaller goals, and simple programs.

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