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numeric keypad

For a simulation of an alarm system, we are trying to input a code to activate the alarm system. We want the code to be entered throughout a numeric keypad on the screen. So we tried to do this with some text buttons and a numeric indicator. The problem is that the numbers won't stay in the indicator. We want to put out all the numbers in the numeric indicator.
The problem is we are very new with the program just 2 weeks and now we have an assignment for school to make this alarm system. Does anybody know any solutions for our problem? I guess it's not that difficult but we really do need more lessons, which we will not get. so Anybode?
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Use a string indicator instead, pre-concatenating digits one at a time.
After the user confirmation, you may convert the string to a number if needed.

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Here is an example that uses an onscreen numeric keypad.  The passcode is hard coded in the block diagram.  If the user enters the correct code, the LED indicator lights up.  Otherwise it stays unlit.  The passcode can be as long as you want, the code automatically stops keyboard entry when the correct length is entered.
- tbob

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thanks for this example, it's kind of what we were looking for. We will try to analyse it.
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I have the same problem. I'm trying to understand how the dtmf_keypad works to generate an entering code of 4 characters. Can anyone help me please?
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Your question is not clear, and it's also not clear what you're referring to. What dtmf_keypad? Are you referring to the VI that was posted (, or something else?
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No, I can't open the file (what software do I need to open it?)

I'm trying to understand how the multisim component dtmf_keypad works. I have to generate an enter code to start up an alarm system throughout that component...


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well you need labview to open the code if you are having problems with multisim that go to the multisim forum

Harold Timmis
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oh... you're right, i'm very sorry...
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