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nilvaiu.dll error robotics starter kit 2.0 9632 labview 14.0


I appreciate all the support this site has given me.

I am trying to run a small VI that will read the motor encoder.

I get the error msg DAQmx Clear loaded with errors on the target was closed     &

milvaiu.dll:daqdestroytask110:D. Ensure the library is present on the RT target.......


I looked on the web and was given the info to reinstall ni-daqmx 14.0. which I did several times and I still get the error.

Have any suggestions?


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The robotics kit uses a NI sbRIO-9632 embedded controller. You cannot use NI-DAQmx on a RIO system - it is two different drivers for two different platforms.


You will need to use the NI-RIO driver instead. You can refer to the LabVIEW 2014 Robotics Module Help for examples and explanations of how to write code for the sbRIO-9632.

Steven Gloor
Staff Customer Engineer - CTA, CLD
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