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nD Nonlinear System Solver (VI)



I would like to solve a Nonlinear system, using a set of formula's that describe the system, together input measure Data.

the solution i'm looking is the differents veriables that describing the system.


I think that the nD Nonlinear System Solver may help me, but i didn't find any example on it.


I will be greatfull for an advice how should i handle my problem, and for an example.


thanks in advence,

Kurtz Dani

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Did you check in the full help, at the bottom of the article?  Depending on your version, you will see links to the examples:



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I did check in the labview detailed help, and for online examples.

the only examples i found was for nD Nonlinear System Solver (Formula).

But i'm looking for D Nonlinear System Solver (VI).

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What version of LabVIEW are you using?

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Labview 2011.



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Here is the example from 2012, back-converted to 2011.  It works on my machine, and is enough to learn from, but it has not been tested thoroughly.

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