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Hi, I m Amit , I have done some programming in Labview that at the best can be best described as "beginers program". I m to start a new task please help me in that

My program will be

                             1.Receiving data over ethernet simultaneously from 4 different machines(ip) using UDP(update rate is 10msec) will be doing some processing over the received data and simultaneously  

                                dispalying those data in GUI.

                             2.Acquiring data from an external device(Antenna Controller)  thru COM port (again doing some processing over the acquired data) and displaying those data in GUI  and also writing some  

                                  information to that external device(Antenna Controller) at rate of 10msec .

                             3. The acquired data (thru COM port) will again be sent to 4 different machines (ip) over ethernet with a update rate of 10msec.

                             4. All the data sent and received will logged in realtime in a text file or excel sheet format

                             5. Finally I will also be acquiring data thru a DAQ (basically some AGC voltages ) and display the voltage level in GUI.(This I will take up after sucessfull completion of above 4)


   All   these 5 processes are to run parallel, with a data update rate of 10msec.My question is

                           1. What should be my approach to start my task?(Should I create a LabVIEW project or a simple VI(with Tab for 4 display window) will accomplish the task).

                             2. How to achieve this multitasking?(Should i use multiple "while loops" or there are some other efficient ways to achieve this. please note I have never done any multitaslking program in  


                            3. How to get a precise update rate of 10msec?

                            4. I want to have 4 different dispaly windows open at any time to look into  the displayed data. How to achieve this? Is there any way to achieve this or i should use "Tab"(but here the problem is  

                                i can view any one display at any point of time).

                            5. I have made this program using VisualStiudio6.0. I wnt to use  extensively my present C-code (for processing part).How to make it possible?


  If some body is having similar kind of program with him and is willing to share the code then it will be very helpful to me


So please guide me from the begining what should be my approach and how i should layout my display windows

I will be using WindowsXP/7 dual core machine (4GB RAM) and LabVIEW20100



Thanx in advance

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I can answer part of the first 4 items.


1 & 2  Have 5 parrallel loops to service the input data.

3.  You will need some method to communicate with the output system. Again you can use 4 parallel loops to do th work. Look at producer consumer template

4.  You will need an RT (Real Time) system to do what you want. The standard system can not service accurrately at that resulution.

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By 5 parallel loops do you mean 5 while loops?

Again 4 while loops i,e there will be 9 loops running in parallel???Correct me if im wrong

Can u bit elaborate on RT system?

 I can have a tolerance of say  8-12 msec( insread of exactly 10 msec).

Should I create a LabVIEW project or a simple VI should suffice my requirement?

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