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multiple input labview 7.1

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Hi there,


I am new in labveiw, but i tried to make some programm to open  multiple data file in single graph screen, but it is not working.


what i want to each text file there is Amplitude and phase value. i want to compare minimum 4 text file in one screen. 


i also want to substract two data files and see the difference between various taxt file. 


can any body help me in that it will be great help


thanx in advance


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Hi raj,

you can use the "read from spreadsheet file" function to read your data. Then use the index array function to read both sub arrays with your values to work with it.



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Hi raj,

see the attached picture, please. It shows an example of what i meant.



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Hi Mike,


Thanx for reply. 


i have created program as you send me in picture, but somehow i am not able to run it, can you please check it


Thanks in advance


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Hi mike,


I got solution but i want to see 5 or 6 text file at a time on a singel screen, and each file hase minimum two data (amplitude, phase..etc)


how can i do that with this?

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Sorry previously it was wrong one,


This is correct i can see 5 text file at a time one one screen on the same scale? because i need it to compare all the data, please give me solution.


Thanx in advance


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Accepted by topic author rajaryan1984

Hi raj,

something like in the attached example should work for you. It's an example where all your file are in one folder.


Hope it helps.


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