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multiple DAQ devices with AI scan clk loop control

I have an application running under RT on a PXI controller that acquires AI data from a 6052E board. The time critical loop uses an external digital trigger for the scan clock. AI Single scan controls loop timing since it puts the thread to sleep until the arrival of the digital trigger. It works great. The attached VI is a simplified example of how the system works.
However, I needed more AI input lines and have purchased a second 6052E board. I now need to scan multiple devices within the loop and am having trouble coming up with the best solution. Ideally, it would be great if I could group the AI channels on both boards and scan them with one node, as in the example, but that seems impossible. I'll prob
ably have to synchronize the two boards and use two AI single scan nodes to get the data. Does anyone have an idea about the best way to configure the clock/trigger for the second board to accomplish this? I've looked through examples and haven't yet found anything that exactly fits the bill.

I'm using LV 7.0 and RT 7.0 on Mac OS X.

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You will need to route the scan clock for the PXI-6052E (master) that is receiving the external clock to the second PXI-6052E (slave). In the example you attached to your post, all you would need to do is duplicate the code from AI to AI for the slave device. In your actual application, since the scan clock is not already available on one of the PXI Trigger (RTSI) lines, you will need to use Route to route the master device's AI Scan Start (scan clock) signal to a RTSI line. You can then select this RTSI line as the source of the scan clock for the slave device.

Good luck with your application.

Spencer S.
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