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mixed signal graph first and last points are connected

I am trying to graph some specific data on a mixed signal graph, and I keep getting a straight line connecting my last data point to my first data point. I've tried graphing with smaller arrays of made up values, but it doesnt happen then... here are a couple of pictures of what I'm talking about:


please help

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Hello Belt,


I cannot see the last elements that are created in the arrays for Mixed Signal Graph 2, but from the graph it appears as though the last piece of data refers back to the origin. It could be that the last data point that you are collecting is a (0,0) point, and that would make sense with the last data point creating a line back to the origin.


It is possible that you could discard the last data point if this is the case.


If you do not believe that this is the case, please submit a snippet of the code that generates the mixed signal graph with the faulty data.





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