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How to introduce dead time in analog signals?

Hi, I'm new to LabVIEW and I want to introduce a dead time in the analog signals that I have attached in this post. The time difference varies, so I could not introduce a time delay in the signal

for instance, the attached waveform, i want the first signal to be seperated from the second signal. so i got 2 different signal at the end of the day for analysis. during the no signal time no signal is not recorded. 


thanks in advance for all the help 

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Hi skydew,

                 It is possible to introduce a delay in an analog output. This is best done by specifying a trigger and then beginning the output when that trigger occurs.Below is a link to an example program developed for LabVIEW that waits a specified number of seconds and then triggers analog output to begin.I think this is what you mean as dead time.Take a look at this example and try to build from it for your code. If you have any further questions on this issue, let me know.

Analog Input with Delayed Analog Output


Also see some links below:-

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