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missing FP READ (Float Array-IO).vi & FP WRITE (Float Array-IO).vi

I am a complete newbie. I am trying to use the Field Point Express vi to collect data from some Field Point modules. When I go to past the Field Point Express VI into my sheet, the applications starts looking for a couple of sub-vi's. It is missing the FP Read (Float Array-IO).vi and the FP Write (Float Array-IO).vi. I am not sure if I erased these accidentally or what. Is there a way to replace these missing VIs?
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These vi's are usually located in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW XX\vi.lib\FieldPoint\Polymorphic Read.llb. First, check if they are present and try to manually link them when the LV is trying to load them. Otherwise, you can try to uninstall your FP drivers and then perform a re-install. The FieldPoint drivers are located in your Device Drivers CD.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks, I'll give this a try.
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hi!, i'm woriking with a VI that needs the fp read float array-io, i've been lookin for it but there's no results, do you know where those VI are?

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do you know where in the web can i find them?

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