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memory of my program

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How can i know how much  memory taken for my program.



such for while loop takes how much memory etc.....

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Typically, the memory use of structures is irrelevant compared to the memory use of all your data structures.


Of course you can look at "vi properties...memory use" before and after placing a loop to see the difference, but that does not seem interesting. You can see the code size and the data size.


What are you actually worried about? Are you running out of memory during execution?


You can minimize memory use by eliminating extra data copes in memory. Use the "show buffer allocation" tool to determine where data copies are made. Avoid excessive use of local variables, etc.

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How to see the Code size and data size .


And you mentiones that "Use the "show buffer allocation" tool to determine where data copies are made"


How to check this I mean how to proceed for  "show buffer allocation"

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For code size and memory usage go File>>VI Properties>>Memory Usage. And for buffer allocation read this.

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