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major error with event structure

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That would make sense, becasue it was acting like the dialog box was open, but i just was not clicking on it. and with no way to close the box it was essentially



But wouldnt the dialog box show up in task manager?

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No, dialog boxes are part of the LV process. Possibly if you use the extended task manager which can list sub processes (dont remember it's name).



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Looks like that was the problem. Wonder how that would have happened on two computers.

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You could try deleting just that line and see what happens.  In fact, Kudos to anyone who does try it and report back!


And, NI Support, with all those new monitor options and so many monitors on some systems, perhaps a min and max bounds check on that token would be advisable?  That's a nasty bug to dig for (if re-producable) I'd rather have the dialog on-screen than where I last stuck it.

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removed that line it it works fine now.

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Kudos for you!


Look like a CAR # would be in order here.  At worst we have a tag to point to.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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I've added notes from this thread to a CAR on a similar issue. CAR 435259

Christina Rogers
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I saw a similar situation happen in a VB6 program someone wrote.  They had the location of the program window saved in the registry.  When you started the program it would read the registry and put the window back in the same location.  When you closed the program, the program saved its final location to the registry.


Nice, all worked well.  Until people started noticing there program wasn't restarting sometimes.  The proposed fix was to go into the registry and delete that key.  Something users shouldn't have to do ever.  So what was causing it?


Well, the registry key had negative coordinates in it, so the window was being placed off screen where you couldn't see it.  But how did those negative values get there?


Well, if the program was minimized to the taskbar, then the program closed by doing a right click on the app on the taskbar and picking close, the app was saving its window coordinates to the registry then closing, and those coordinates just so happened to be negative.


I don't have proof of this, but I figured when you minimize an app, what happens is that Windows moves it to an offscreen location.


I wonder if something like this could be happening here?

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Good theory:


NI needs to solve two puzzles:

  1. prevent illegal values to ever occur and enter the ini file (since it happened on two different computers here, but always to the same user, there has to be some usage pattern that can generate those!). We need to find that usage pattern!
  2. prevent illegal values in the ini to ever place any dialog (not just this one!) offscreen. (there could always be bad values in there, e.g. after manual editing of the ini)
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LV 2013

I have the same issue on my laptop.

Problem occured when working at home after leaving the event dialouge box on my secondary monitor at work (only have one monitor at home).


I'll fix the issue by deleting the line in the .ini file.

It's EditEventsDlgSize=189,1969,775,2749 for me.

The fix worked.

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