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lvlib dependency changed location after installing drivers

After installing drivers on my Dev PC, the drivers association were automatically changed from the SVN repository folder to instr.lib.


What is worst is that the installed libraries are not the good version as I could not install the proper 32-bit drivers (64-bit version is not available). I installed the drivers because I managed to have the card installed in the PXI-1033 at my desk.


If I delete the drivers, then the project gives missing dependencies that cannot be fixed by trying to link to the controlled library. The library has 100s of VIs. I cannot start re-linking everything.


I tried deleting the ARINC folder and the lvproj and update from what ever version I had on the server, but even those still have the libraries miss linked. The seems to be the culprit, but too many changes have been done and some would be lost trying to recover.



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Hello Foreshadow,


Can you help me understand the problem by answering a couple questions?

Can you provide some detail about the driver you installed and what cards you are using?

What leads you to believe the is the culprit?

Anthony M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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