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lost communication with DAQ (NI-6008) through labview

I currently use four USB-6008 devices through labview as part of a teststand. While troubleshooting a separate issue I lost the ability to communicate with the devices but only through labview. Using other NI software I can use the analog I/O but not from my labview program. I am a chemical engineer so I've already exhausted my limited computer knowledge, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If MAX can see the devices, and collect data thru them, then your hardware is OK.

(Max is the Measurement and Automation Xplorer program).


Assuming that's the case, then I would suspect a naming change.  You can rename the devices in MAX, perhaps when you didn't mean to.


Check your ERROR outputs of the NI-DAQ calls.  That's what they're there for. Put a probe on the ERROR outputs of INIT TASK, START TASK, whatever you're using.


The more professional programs expect those errors and handle them, if you're doing a one-off kind of thing, it's easy to think you don't need them, since it worked the first time out, but they really will give you info that you need right now.

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