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loading set config case &

It takes a couple of times to push the run button, before the VI starts with 'set config' case. (It just runs 'set scope' & 'save data' on the first run)
How can I fix this problem? (just running 4 cases...1) 'set config' 2) 'set scope' 3) 'save data' 4)'quit'
I have a similar problem with setting 'amplitude' & 'frequency' of hp8648C in 'common aggressor/hp8648c setting' tab....
thank you!
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All your shift registers are not initialized at the beginning, thus contain empty arrays and e.g. your FOR loop in "set config" executes zero times. After your VI runs for a few times, it executes the "no event" and fills the shift registers and everything works on subsequent times you run it.
Maybe you should load the "no event" followed by the "set config" into the queue before the big loop starts.
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In your save data case, you set the queue value to quit.
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