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listbox data to .csv file by using write to spreadsheet

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Hi, I am using the Write to Spreadsheet to write Multicolumn ListBox data to the .csv file.If I do save as from Excel, the pop-up window shows as attachment. And listbox data looks different too.  I want the data displays as the first row not the second row (the third picture).


Thank you for your help.



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I'm not exactly understanding your desired display.


You've got the right pieces in your diagram except it looks like you're missing the listbox reference which should be wired into your property node.


Can you elaborate on your questions and/or difficulties?

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Thank you for your reply.

The working code is actually not having the missing listbox reference problem.

I want to display all data as the first row look (display all numbers, not just 2.00E+51). However, if I opent he .csv file and save as a different name. It gives the look below. I do not know how to fix it.



Thank you,

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Can you post your CSV before Excel gets a handle on it and then after?

I'm pretty sure it's Excel converting your hex number to scientific notiation and then writing scientific notation back to the CSV.


You can edit the display in Excel to make sure it's the correct format before doing your Save As.


Do you really need Excel? You may be better off staying with CSV files and leave Excel out of it.

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I don't really need Excel. I just want to open the .csv file and check data. It gives me the look with some scientific notation numbers and some regular numbers.

Here is the look before opened  by Excel.



Here is the after look





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Accepted by topic author llx

Before doing your Save As in Excel, Change the cell formatting to Number. This should avoid the conversion to scientific notation prior to resave.


Or just use Notepad to view the file instead of Excel.

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