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list io errors

During the run of my VIs I a have a difficult time collecting all of my i/o errors for review and correction.  My i/o events are scattered in multiple independent threads of the vi.  The only way have been able to do this in the past is to write them to discrete controls place on the front panel.  Needless this often is not practical.   I have tried with out success to create a sub VI to que them up with their identifier for review and or correction.  Does something like that already exist?  Could some one please help me with some direction or plausible solution?

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Here is something I wrote and use in a particular application.  I wrote it as a basic action engine.  I drop this subVI down at the beginning of the Main VI and execute the initialize case and send it the desired error log filepath.  That way I don't have to worry about creating the path in multiple parts of the program.

In each part of the program of interest I drop this in at the end of the error string and let it run the default case of Log Error.  Each instance I use it, I create a string constant that has a short description to indicate the source of the error.  I might say "DAQ Loop" or "Main State Machine" or "Data logging loop".  Something so that when I see the log file, I'll know by my description which part of my code had the error.  It puts out all of the error cluster information as well as a time stamp.

In the event something might happen that would cause repetitive errors that would fill up a log file quickly, I had put in a piece of code to prevent the log file from growing too large.  But I never fully debugged that to my satisfaction, so I just disabled it.  Fortunately, my programs haven't had so many errors generated to cause a large log file.

Edit:  This is saved in LV 8.2.1

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