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licensing reinstall issue

I am trying to do a fresh install (uninstall/reinstall) of LabVIEW 2017. The issue is that the computer has a licensed copy of LabVIEW installed but there is no serial number listed in license manager. This is problematic because I was expecting to pull the old serial number out of the license manager and use it to activate after the reinstall. Have you ever encountered this? Is there a workaround? 




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What was your original method of activation?


That's exactly what my Local Licenses tab looks like, but that's because we are using network licenses. Do you have anything on the Network Licenses screen?

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Maybe your products were activated using Identity-based activation. Check if the Serial Number is registered to your NI User Account.

Otherwise, your license might be part of a volume licensing agreement and managed by a software admin. Reach out to your software admin in the company.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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When you activated, you probably got an e-mail containing the serial number used and an activation code that can be used to reactivate on the same hardware. Do you still have that email?

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The activation was done long before I got here. I do not know what method was used. 

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For a single user license, the licenses should be delivered with a usb driver and a license paper(as for 2017). or to find the activation emails.

It is better ask the people in charge of this case before. You can also give a call to NI to see if they can help to find out the license according to your company name.

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