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Hi, i have to do a project that takes a 2D image (for example of a mauntain) and makes it 3D as a hightmap. Then i need to take from that highmap two random points and get the difference between them as a lenght. There are two main problems. First have less then basic knowlage in labview and secound - the project must be done till this friday (29.09.2017) If some one has done a project like that or at least has some clue, how to do it... that wouId be great. I have fount a forum post about, how to make a 2D image into a 3D, but no idea, how to modify it so, that i mesure two random points.


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This sounds like a homework assignment for a class.  As a general rule we don't do your homework for you, and if you want assistance you need to at least have started on something.


Have you started a VI yet?  Can you post it so we can see where you're stuck?

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That's the third thread with roughly the same question that you started. Do you really think that bumping will motivate people to answer you?



Kudos are welcome...
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