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kernelbase.dll crash

Hi Everyone,


A Labview application I recently wrote crashed due to an error (code e0434352) in Kernelbase.dll. It had been running for several weeks, so the error really isn’t reproducible, but the application is meant to run without any human intervention so the crash is a pretty big deal for my customer.


After a bit of googling I discovered that the particular error code was associated with the .NET CLR, so now I’m trying to figure out how my program caused it.


My application is implemented using the actor framework and is running on a Windows 7 machine. It interacts with 2 spectrometers, a cDAQ with a DIO module, and a thermistor which I’m talking to with VISA USB RAW. The application also saves and loads various data and settings files. To my knowledge, Labview is implemented in C and shouldn’t run Microsoft’s CLR in any way. The only piece of my program I know of that needs it is the driver for the spectrometers (which calls a .NET wrapper from the device manufacturer).


Right now I’m spending all of my effort investigating the spectrometer driver. However I wanted to check with the forum to make sure that there’s nothing I’m overlooking. Does anyone know of any other facets of Labview that are built on or rely on .NET? Or better yet, has anyone encountered a Kernelbase.dll failure before?


Thanks for your help,



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Hello Gary117,


I wasn't able to dig up any information linking LabVIEW and this Kernelbase error. e0434352 seems to be a very general error and doesn't really shed any light on the issue. I agree that the driver which calls the .NET wrapper is the most likely culprit. 

Jonathan L.
Technical Support Senior Group Manager
National Instruments
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