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display daq assistant data in table format

Hello all,


I'm looking for help in displaying the data that is created by the daq assistant in labview in table format.  I'm collecting several temperatures, using the logging function in the daq assistant to log to a tdms file, and than displaying the data in a waveform chart.


While the data is being logged/charted, I would like to display a snapshot of the current values in a table format.  I'm not versed in the low level daqmx VIs.  I'm suspecting if anyone can even point me to the format that the daq assistant produces its data output in, I could come up with a way to create the table but any and all help would be greatly appreciated.





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By table - do you just mean you want to show an array of data on the front panel - a 1D/2D array of data (sample time and each sample point) - have you tried looking at extracting the waveform components (Y values) and creating an array of these against time (X0+Array index*dt)



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Hi jeepers52004,


The data type that comes from a DAQ Assistant is the Dynamic Data Type. You will not be able to wire this directly to a table indicator, but you can convert the data from the Dynamic Data Type to the string format the table expects. James_W asked some good questions that will help dictate what you need to do in order to convert the data to the string format, but one simple thing you could do is use the Convert from Dynamic Data into a Number to Fractional String primitive. I have my Convert from Dynamic Data configured as "2D array of scalars - columns are channels", but you can use whatever type works best for you. If you want to display the time, you will need to calculate it from the waveform by how James_W described and insert it into your array of strings that gets displayed on the table.


The following VI snippet shows converting the data from Dynamic Data to a table:

Dynamic Data to Table.png


Best Regards,

Matthew B.
Offering Manager
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Hello James,



I would like to display the column heading to identify the channel and then it's most recent value.

I hadn't tried that.  My level of experience with LabView is very basic.  I did some and google searches for examples and explanations of the daq assistant data type.  


I realize that others may have asked this similar question but I didn't come up with anything in my search and as I'm attempting to learn LabView at work where they expect results but don't provide any time on the job to get up to speed.  I posed the question after 20 minutes of searching.


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Hello Matthew,


I was able to get this to work like it was intended, I think.  Is it possible to extract the column headings as well to display the channel names?


Thank you,


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