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invoke nodes for groups, should be simple!

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I'm new to invoke nodes as of today and I need to reinit to default a large group of objects at the end of my VI. I don't want to set different invoke nodes for each one. Can I apply a refnum to a group of objects and how would I do so?


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Accepted by topic author Curran919

I don't think there is any way to do exactly what you asked (group).  However you can create an array of references and put the reinit inside a for loop.



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In addition to Lynn's suggestion, there are some programatical ways to obtain an array of references, such as Controls[] for the VI FrontPanel or a cluster.



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Indeed, I was having troubles making an array of references. I suppose I can't index a cluster through a loop either. Other than that, i don't think I understand you fully.


Okay, Success, thankyou.

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You appear to have figured this out, but I will mention it in case others look at this thread. You can get the references of the controls in a cluster.  After you get the reference to the cluster, you use a property node on the cluster reference to get references to the controls within the cluster.  This can be repeated to any depth of embedded clusters.  Search the Forum for examples of doing this.



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