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interconnected tank

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Hi, I'm just learning labview and have a problem that I thought would be easy to solve but I don't think so. Here I discuss about the water supply from the main tank to the backup tank, it is very important for me to control the working pressure and water level. In a simple way the simulation works on Labview like this.

The main tank acts as a water provider, when there is a demand for water in the reserve tank, the pump will work to move water from the main tank to the reserve tank (4 units of reserve tanks and 4 water pumps).

Note: when the reserve tank level is empty, the pressure indicator is 0 and if the reserve tank level is full, the pressure indicator is 4 (level and pressure are related).

I have tried many times but always stuck. I need help and advice to be able to solve this, I am very very grateful for the help and advice.

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Hi MangOto, 


There is an example project, Help > Find Examples...  click the Search tab > type in: "tank" and search.  Simulation - Tank may point you in the right direction (you'll need to add the additional tanks).


The reference comes from the following post:

water tank control - NI Community




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I'm new to Labview, may I know how to make a flower symbol like the one I marked and can the simulation I make not use the pid?


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You can edit the icon of your subVI to anything you want.


(Assuming you made the subVI. Look at the help for the icon editor)

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