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·         I acquire data from instrument and store it in an array say V(t). Here the samples are equally spaced.

·         Then I calculate inductance using the formula

L(i) = f[V(t)]

And store it in another array.

·         Then I have to calculate flux using the formula (refer to the attachment)

            The integration is to be done w.r.t ‘i’, but the values of ‘L(i)’ are not equally spaced w.r.t ‘i'. So how to implement the above equation in Labview as the Numerical is applicable only for data with equal spacing.

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In a first approximation, you should be able to approximate your integral with a sum as follows:
Simply create an array with all dx, multiply it with the L array and take the array sum. Tweak as needed.

Message Edited by altenbach on 05-17-2007 12:41 PM

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Hi altenbach

Thanxs a lot. I implemnted the algorithm as you had mentioned and it worked. Thanxs once again.


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