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installing labview before DAQ card?


We've just bought LabView 8.2 and a new DAQ card, PCI 6281 M series...

What I was wondering was whether there is any order in which these need to be installed. At the moment there is no pre-existing version of LabView or DAQ Software on the computer.

I have just read that the drivers that came with the DAQ card need to be installed before the card is inserted into the PC, but am not sure if LabView is supposed to be installed before or after the card or if it even makes any difference.



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Yes, you need to install LabVIEW first. One of the shipping documents (Release Notes?) should tell you the same thing.
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Thanks!!Smiley Happy
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Doing so, the support for your LabVIEW version will be selected by default in the installer options.
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