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installer Welcome screen timeout

I am using LV 2012 DS2, I am building an installers and want to use the Welcome message as a dialog to convey some information about the program to the user as I have various levels of installers.  The problem is that the screen pops up for 5 seconds and you can't read it.


Is there a way to make this welcome message stay up for 30 seconds or add a user acknowledgement on it?

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I don't see a way to do that, but I can see why it would be useful.


If you want a workaround, you can try to use a third party installer generator software able to add that functionality to the installer, but I have no idea how it would handle additional content inclusion like runtime or drivers. There are several of these around; you can find an easy (and free) one on


However, I believe this case deserves a spot on the NI Idea Exchange forums. Quote: “The NI Idea Exchange is a product feedback forum where NI R&D and users work together to submit ideas, collaborate on their development, and vote for the ones they like best”. If you post there and your idea gets enough votes, R&D might get interested and take a look into it.

Camilo V.
National Instruments
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Couldn't you just have an initial subVI display your static Welcome screen (bitmap or PNG, same as the one you have up for the first 5 sec) for 25+ sec (or have a button to "skip this screen" for repeat users), then disappear as you go on to the real program? This way you could even make it interactive if you want after the first 5 sec.




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That's a very good alternative.


It wouldn't be exactly part of the installer, but you can even use a one button dialog if you want, so it would not autoclose. Also, it would save you from having to figure how to include additional content.


(Still believe you can post it on the NI Idea Exchange forum).

Camilo V.
National Instruments
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