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indexing multicolumn list



What is the easiest way to index the column of a multicolumn list?


Also, if using a strict ref, you can also index the row by using the value of the property node. How would you do this if the ref is not strict type (the value is a variant instead)? Lastly, a double click user event will also return back the current row. Why does this not also show up when using only a single mouse click?



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Hi Newbie217,

if your refnum is not typed, then you can use the "to specified class" function to get a strict ref. Another possibility would be to use "variant to data" to get an array of "your datatype".



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thanks for the suggestion Mike. However, when I try using the 'to more specific class', the control I'm passing in creates a non-typedef output. How do I go about making this a strict typedef?
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Hi Newbie217,

the constant you connect on top has to be strict.



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An easy way to get the correct type is drag and drop the control onto the ref control.



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