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in Touch Panel Module clear serial buffer

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      I use LabVIEW Touch Panel Module make a  application to a Touch Panel device with Windows CE 5.0. Now I want to use RS232 on the touch panel devices to read and write.I use Serial Compatibility VIs.It is useful, but it is not offering how to clear rs232 buffer ,like Flush I/O Buffer in visa.I want get yours help ,tell me how to clear rs232 buffer ,use what VIs.or how to change Serial Compatibility VIs to get that function. thanks my dear friend.

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Which buffer are you trying to clear?  Transmit or Receive?


Generally transmit doesn't need clearing because anything in it usually gets sent out right away.  I rarely need to clear the receive buffer.  But an easy way to clear it is to just read all the bytes in it and just do nothing with the data.

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Thanks you,i know that method,i just want to know whether we have more useful vi to solve this problem.

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