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imaq write file 2 writes a folder instead of image file

I have written code to do phase shifting for an interferometer....basically I have a video feed where I can change the camera parameters, then i press a button to "take a measurement" which increases the voltage to a PZT and takes a photo, repeating 5x and writing 5 png files to a specific location.


I'm using Windows 7 and mostly Imaqdx VIs.  I was using Imaq write file 2 (png), and for a while, the files were being correctly written (checked in windows explorer).  At some point, it starting writing files that had the correct path, but when I looked at them in explorer, they were "file folders" with no image contect. 


My code isn't producing any errors, and I've deleted blocks to see if they were messing things up, but can't seem to make it work.


Any suggestions??

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Oops, I found it.


My intention was to see if the folder exists, then create it, then write an image file.  But I see I was creating a folder with the image file path.

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