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Controlling the Boolean Controls and generating Numeric Output correspondingly

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Hello everyone,

I am working on a project of electrode activation, here I was thinking that how could I control one electrode at a time and generate a numeric output of it correspondingly. I want to substitute each electrode with a an LED on Front Panel and generate numeric value of each LED on Block Diagram.

So it can be divided into two parts


1- Control the Boolean outputs


Here, my target is that if I have 5 leds who are used as Boolean control, should be controlled in such a way that only one of them glows at a time and the remaining turns off.

I mean that for instance if #3 was glowing and the user pressed #2 then #3 should be turned off and only #2 glows.


2- Generating Numeric value correspondingly

Then according to the position of LEDs I want to generate a numeric value correspondingly, like previously output 3 was coming and the output 2 comes when second LED glows.


I request all the participants on this group to help me on it.


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Accepted by topic author Abuzar
Why don't you use the radio button control? You can replace the check boxes if you want buttons.
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Thanks very much Dennis, Its really what i need.

But i have a bounding in the radio button to place all option together. 

Since i am activating the appropiate electrode on the body, all the options could not come vertically or horizontally.

So can you pls guide me how can i make my 5 electrode behave like a radio control.


Thanks once again.

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If you want you arrange the buttons in the format you desired you can Right click the Radio button control>Auto sizing > Size to Fit.


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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