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iberr = EABO(6) with spectrum analyzer

iberr = EABO(6) with spectrum analyzer

hello every body
I am new user of labview, I sucess to make the connection between a PC and SPECTRUM ANALYZER R3361C but I cannot read or write data from SPECTRUM. In addition, I tried all the value of time out I dont success to read and write. 
After l'execution, I have this message
iberr = EABO
EABO indicates that an I/O operation has been canceled, usually due to a timeout condition after a GPIB read.  Before reading from the instrument, verify that the GPIB command you are sending is understood by your device and instructs it to place data in its output buffer.
Please Help Me
best regards.
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Re: iberr = EABO(6) with spectrum analyzer

The first thing to know is whether you are using an NI GPIB board? If you are, I'm assuming that you have already tested it in MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer). After that, did you right click on the board under devices and interfaces and select 'Scan for Instruments'? Does your instrument appear in the list over on the right side of the screen? If it does, is there an instrument description present or does it say something like 'instrument did not repsond to *IDN? query'? If MAX fails to find the instrument, is there another instrument you can connect to determine whether the cable or GPIB board is faulty? If another instrument works, check the manual for the 3361 and see if there is something that needs to be turned on to enable GPIB communication. Some instruments have a menu item that needs to be enabled first. If all of this works, then you can attempt to communicate to the instrument. I have no experience with the 3361 and cannot find it on Advantest's web site. It is the Avantest spectrum analyzer isn't it? If the instrument did respond to the *IDN? query, and you can't get it to repsond to others, then you have a problem with the actual commands you are sending or with the way the instrument is setup.

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Re: iberr = EABO(6) with spectrum analyzer

Thanks you for ur response,

The type of my GPIB is GPIB-USB-HS.

I already tested the Max(Measurement & Automation Explorer) and I succeed to connect with R3361C (because when I execute "communicate with instrument", R3361C turn off after it turn on automatically that indicates the communication between my PC and my instrument.Its true or false?)

But My instrument cannot respond to my query "*IDN?" and It indicates a problem of time-out.I don't understand why I have a problem with R3361C because I try to communicate an others instruments and I succeed to communicate, Read and Write my data ( for example :ROHDE & SCHWARZ - SIGNAL GENERATOR ).

For instant, I don't check the manual for R3361C probabily thats need to turned enable with GPIB Communication. I will check and I will tell you.

please help me because I need to communicate with this instrument

best regards

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Re: iberr = EABO(6) with spectrum analyzer


Did you manage to communicate with 3361? I am working on R3261C to do similar GPIB communication. Can you please post your VIs here?



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