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how to use acs712 ac current sensor with lifa?


I am using labview interface for arduino and I have tried to programm asc712 sensor but i couldn't. here is the link of the sensor code:  .

i researched a lot and i found that i can modify lifa function ,but i don't know how to do so.  if i modify function,is it necessary to  make the same code in labview? .

can any one guide me or making labview code for this sensor.


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Well to begin with LIFA has long since been deprecated and replaced with LINX


But to your basic problem, the ACS712 converts current to a scaled voltage and you are simply reading that voltage on the analog in pin of the Arduino.


So no special libraries or functions beyond "Analog Read" are needed.


You read the voltage on the proper analog pin and then do the necessary math to convert that to the current value you are measuring. 

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thanks for this quick response .

actually, i am not professional  in labview and i i couldn't know how to make the programm in especially this line:

uint32_t start_time = millis();
   while((millis()-start_time) < 1000) //sample for 1 Sec .
   so if you can do it for me, i wiil be appreciated
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It would look like this.



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please, can you complete doing all the cod in labview ...

thank you so much.

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No.  I'm not getting paid to do other people's work.

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