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how to save data automaticaly in hardisk ?

this is my problem, i want to acquisition data from myrio to excel/xlsx in real time, data from myrio is readable on a graph, i've tried save data in excel/xlsx or tdms format, but not saved, when i run program with myrio, it can save in excel/xlsx or tdms format, but when i connect myrio to labview, it cannot save in excel/xlsx or tdms, but the program is run, i've been check every folder data but nothing in my folder, but when i run the labview without connect myrio, data saved in that folder and that name 

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Hi alfian,


you know your myRIO is a computer of its own?

You cannot save data to your PC when the VI is running on the myRIO!


There are example projects coming with LabVIEW explaining how to transfer data from myRIO to PC...

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Hi GerdW


Any solution to tranafer data from myRIO to pc? 

Thank's for your solution


Best regrads 


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@ALFIAN77 wrote:

Any solution to tranafer data from myRIO to pc?

There are plenty of ways.


1. Make a PC application to read the data from the myRIO.  The desired communication between the PC and the myRIO is a TCP/IP communication scheme (look into the STM library) or Network Streams.

2. Save the data on the myRIO and then use FTP or WebDAV to get the data to your PC.

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