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under the myrio enviroment i can´t find visa resource name

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Actually i have already finished some program about how to control the function generator. When i open the program alone, it works very well. but i still need to use Myrio to collect current signal at the same block diagramm as function generator. The problem is that i can´t find the visa resource name which is the name of function generator, that use USB to connect with computer. Is the function generator not work under the Myrio enviroment?

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The problem might be related to the IP address. Since the IP address of the function generator will be different than the IP adress of the myRIO you might not be able to see your VISA Source. For that you can try to find your myRIO first in the NI MAX. Do required arrangements and than try again.

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but your have a function generator connected to the PC with USB cable. 

And you want to access that instrument on the myRIO? 


You can't do that! myRIO is a computer on it's own, it has no access to the PC's USB ports. 

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Hi Sir,

  Your means that, the Myrio looks like a independent mini computer. If i want to creat a connection with function generator, i musst use USB cabel to connect function generator with myrio, it isn´t possible to realize, because of there is no USB socket on myrio.

  So if someone  want to use labview control function generator and myrio at the same time, the best way is creat two Program, one for functiongenerator and another for Myrio?

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Hi Sir,


   I think, there is no problem by IP adress. Actually under Myrio enviroment i can´t find any socket resource. Maybe just like as dkfire said, Myrio is a independent "mini computer" and it´s impossible to find the USB resource which connect with computer, even the Myrio has alreay connected with computer.

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The myRIO should have a USB input port, as well as a USB output port ( That you are using right now to connect the myRIO to your computer.) 


And yes, the myRIO is a computer on its own. 

You could try to connect the function generator to the myRIO, and see if it can operate that with VISA, but as the myRIO is running a Linux version OS, it might not have the right drivers or is not able to auto make the USB connection to a VISA resourse.

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