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how to program RMS in Labview


I use simulate signal to generate signal which is used for data analysing.


But instead of using the stastistics module, i want to program the RMS calculation, now i am confused the different valeur types outlet of simulate signal and the inlet of Sum.


Here is my VI, can you help me figure out my problem


best regards

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I seen your vi, but think that if you try calculate RMS first need to generate signal properly. Because in every cycle LabVIEW calculate RMS of the samples and don't seem that you generate complete cycles of sine waveform.
After you can see the attached vi,  you can see how different method agree on the result, but the value change because the number of samples does not match with cycle of sine.



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thank you very much!


but I dont understand which is the different in fonction between the square and the square i do in the formula ??

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To the result, there is no difference. But using the vi express Formula, maintains the time dimension correctly.
I prefer use simple when is enough.



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