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how to export waveform data into text file



    I am trying to export my waveform graph data into write spreadsheet file. When running the proram, I am getting graph values (values in a matrix) when checking with the probe. But once I save it to a text file, the values recorded are just zeros. I have attached the text file along with this. Could anyone please tell me why the graph data is not recorded in the spreadsheet? I have extracted the Y component of the graph and then wired it to the write to spreadsheet function. It seems like the labview is getting the data.. but now the problem is how to get the data out of labview?

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Attachments? add code also if possible.
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please find the attachments...


the labview program image attached is not the entire program..( as the real program is very big..) its just the oscilloscope part which i have sent... the program is of acquiring data from the oscilloscope and then writing into a text file.

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The image does not help much. You could get rid of that conversion to matrix? Why did you think you needed that?


Place a couple of probes on the wire and see what the actual data is that you are passing to the Write to Spreadsheet File.

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Please find the attched image of the whole program. I tried running the program after removing the array to matrix but still I am not able to export the graph values to spreadsheet. The program as a whole is working as I am able to display the oscilloscope graph into the waveform graph but I am not able to export the values. When I tried using probes, I am getting differnet matrix values till the end of the connection given to 'write to spreadsheet' but not able to export the values. The second image shows the write to spreadsheet file inside the while loop as i thought it will reduce the memory.. but it is still not working...

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