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how to create user event


       why and how to user user create event.

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Hope you need to provide more information.

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You can check out this help for creating and using user events:
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    i don't know to use user create event and may i know about what is difference between normal event structure and user created evnent structure.

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have you tried dynamic event in labview examples.



V.senthil kumar

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Event Structure has two types to register for events to listen:

Static For User Interface events (For e.g., Control Indicator changes) and Dynamic For User generated events(For e.g., You can generate an event when you met certain condition)

Please go through below link for more details:

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I use User Events all the time.  You can register for an event and then listen for that event with an Event Structure.  The real beauty is that you can register for an User Event at multiple places and every Event Structure that is registered for the User Event will recieve it.


The best example I have done is with a system I developed a few years ago.  It had a loop that did nothing but read data from an instrument and then sent the data with a User Event.  I then had multiple loops registered for that User Event, most notably a logging loop and a GUI loop.  So the data was being logged and processed by these two independent loops.


Another good use I have for User Events is just for sending data to the GUI loop purely for updating indicators.  It is a lot more efficient than passing the reference around and using a value propery node (as in THOUSANDS times faster).

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