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how to automatically disabled Numeric Control in Labview

Hi Guys


I just want to seek help, I want to automate Agilent DMM using LabView. I already got my code working, I can automate it without having any problem, I just want to add some features.

This is what I want to do. if my Autorange Button is Disabled, i want the Resolution and Range controls to be disabled, and when the autorange button is enabled, the resolution and range controls should be enabled. I know I might be using the property node, but I just can't get it going.

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

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Hope this helps, 

Test 1.pngTest 2.png

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hi dragonknight

if you want auto range button(True/False) to control the enable/disable then change the case selector from property node to  Auto range button in the mini09's post

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Hi mini09 thanks for your reply, it gives me a lot of idea about property node.

But I did all your codes on BD, but still my resolution and range button did not set to disabled.


Thanks for your help

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Hope you are aware of 3 options, Enabled, Disabled, Disabled and greyed out.

You cannot see any physical change in the controls when using disabled alone. Try disabled and greyed out, hope that's what you are referring.

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