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how can I split the datas in pieces, the data was collected by DAQ assistant?

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as the following picture, the data was gained by a random number generator in a for loop, everytime a vector which contains 10 points

will be put into MATLAB scrip to process. now I want to get datas by DAQ assistant,

but I can not get my purpose, anyone can help me ?


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Could you elaborate a little more?  Your subject asks how to split data but you don't mention this in your question.  What data are you retrieving from the DAQ and what form do you need to send to the Matlab script?

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You could tell the DAQ Assistant to only return the number of samples you want to process.  I'm still lost as to what exactly you are looking for.

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In the picture, I want to make the random number generator replaced by a DAQ assistant, the data that I want to retrieve from DAQ is speech signal,

now I need to split the data into pieces which contain 10 datas.  I don't konw whether I have express it clearly.

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I think I have got it, Thank you... DAQ assistant is powerful...

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