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Where can I go to learn about scaling voltage readings from different AI devices?

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Ex. I have a Vaisala HMP 60 RHT sensor. How do I know what to scale the voltage readings to get the correct RH? I have seen values (such as 20 in the linear range for the Vaisala HMT 100), but I don't know where it comes from or why it is chosen. In case it matters, I am using several AI devices (thermocouples, MFC's, RHT's) on an NI-6343 USB board. I'd really like to learn more, but am finding information very tough/convoluted. Thank you for any/all help and direction.
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Hi DHagan,


I think that this article might help you.




Carmen C

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Thank you for the input/help. I think what I was looking for was that if you have a 5V output (for the Vaisala HMP60), then the slope would be 20 so that the zero voltage reading corresponds to 0% RH and 5V output corresponds to 100% RH. Hopefully this is right and their is no drift.

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