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hex string value to floating point

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As an additional note, I strongly recommend to study the documentation for this instrument. There is a non-zero chance that the first bit is actually a sign bit and that you should interpret it as such.


What is the temperature range of the sensor? Are negative temperatures allowed? Do you have a link to the manual?

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Thanks for the consern but i think it wil be fine.



but sinse you asked 

it is for a interface between central heating system and thermostat. 


the insterface is built up form several divices

i go from

Thermostat e-twist (R-Bus Protocol)


R-Bus --> opentherm gateway.


Opentherm gateway is sending RS232 signals.

from RS232 to TTL converter.

and form TTL converter to a TTL / TCP interface. (configurd as UDP server). 

and finaly reading the UDP singals in Labiew. 


now i can readout parameters from the central heating system and respond on it.

main gool is beter Room temperature management.

not one temperature sensor in the room but now i have 4 temprature measurments in the room.

better and accured tempratue control 

also i can combine a SolarSystem and in the futere a Headpump. 



the problem with al the divices is they have all different communicanten protocols.


-Central heating system

-PV pannals

-Solar System



sure all munufacturers hava a handy app but non of theese work to gether.

yes you have all sorts of home automation servers and smart home systems. 

but they give me not the freedome i need to combine all these protocols.

i use Labview for my work as a elektrical engineers. and i always sa to my colleagues.

Labview is a powerfull software/hardware platform you can do anny thing you whant with it.


so i am developing my one labview appellation and read/write my one data and plot my one graphs 

than i can dicide wat to see and control.

it will be a big project a it will take me some years but finaly i will controll all whit labview.


up to now i have implemented in labview:

-my alarm system (Siemens S300 (ethernet protocol) PLC and PIR sensors)

-several arduino and ethernet boards for hymidity, lux etc.

- solaredge Inverter (RS485 protocol)

-Philips Hue (LED and lighting)

-X10 protocol for more relay control in combination with lighting.

-P1 protocol (smart energy meter)

Mbus protocol for some flow meters. 

and now i kan ad my central heating system 

finaly i write the inportand data to a server (wamp and MySQL)

and read and control some stuf whit it.


so lots to do,  it is a intresting project and i learn a lot form it. 😊

it makes me a better labview programmer 😊




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@altenbach wrote:


Note that you can also cast the U16 to FXP. same result, but a bit more dangerous and unsuitable for you math (e.g. linear fitting will coerce it back to DBL at the input)





I'd prefer the Integer to FXP cast. I don't know if there's any relevant difference.

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