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growing block diagram objects

Recall that with objects on the Front panel, one can select and move them in very small increments by using the control arrow keys.
Is there a way on the block diagram to grow a control/indicator with that same granularity and in a similar fashion?  For example, I have  picture box that I'm inserting a bitmap into.  I want to grow the box width by a miniscule amount, but the normal way of grabbing the sizing handle and dragging it doesn't offer me the desired granularity, as it grows to the next grid line.
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You can turn off the alignment grid. Tools >> Options >> Alignment Grid. You can also set it to a finer grid if you wish.

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... or simply hit the letter "g" (for "grid") while resizing, and it will no longer snap to the grid during the current sizing operation.
No need to change the default behavior. 😄
(g is a toggle, so hitting it twice (or any event count) would re-enable "snap to grid")
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I did not know about that one.

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Good tip.  Thanks for the info!
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