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graph limits

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graph limits

Need to graph three lines.

X vs Y curve

X+1 vs Y+1 upper limit curve

X-1 vs Y-1 lower limit curve


Attempt attached, but I always get broken wire when trying to complete.

Looked at many examples here, but cannot seem to find fix.

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Re: graph limits

you could change it to a chart and use stacked plots.
Harold Timmis
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Re: graph limits

To plot one array versus another, you need to use an XY Graph - not a waveform graph.


If you go to the block diagram with context help turned on and move your mouse over the XY Graph terminal, you will see how to correctly format data to pass to an XY Graph. You should be using a bundle instead of a build array for each plot and then a build array to get all three plots onto a single graph.



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Re: graph limits

Thank you, however I do need all three to be overlayed on same grid.

But even overlay chart results in broken wire when I attemp to connect.

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Re: graph limits

DN, tried that, and still get broken wire going to graph.

Will keep trying different formating approaches.

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Accepted by topic author markfranklin
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: graph limits

I have no problem with broken wires.


Xy Graph.png.



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Re: graph limits

Thank you.  I had to delete the bundles and arrays that I had, then replace them in order to get the wires solid.

The bundles feeding the array feeding the graph gets me a plot, and good progress.


However, I still need to get the graph to essentially show three curves together.

The upper and lower limit curves with the main curve, need to result in three parallel curves.


Right now it is building out from zero in both directions for some reason.

I will look at While Loop and consider changin format of data feed to graph.

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