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file date created

file date created

How to find the date created from a file?
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Re: file date created

You'll have to give more details about what you want to do...

Do you mean that you want to know when a file was created? As in (Windows) right click the file, choose properties and you get the size and datestamp of the file???

Or do you have a datestamp imbedded somewhere in a file and you want to parse through it using labview to find out when the data was stored???

Or do you have a database and you want to retrieve information related to a date?

Or.... wow... too many possibilities...

let's start from the top.

What do you want to find out about the date and why?

Help us help you by giving more details..

Thanks Smiley Surprised)

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Re: file date created

The attached library make a call to a Windows dll to grab file properties, including the file creation date. Of course this only works on Windows.

It's in LabVIEW 6.0.2, but upgrades OK.


Ed Dickens - Certified LabVIEW Architect - DISTek Integration, Inc. - NI Certified Alliance Partner
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Re: file date created

Do you want something else besides what the File/Directory Info function (on File I/O>Advanced File Functions) provides?
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Re: file date created

if you need to know the last modification date of file then you can use
"Functions->File I/O->Advanced File Functions->File/Directory"
This vi returns the value of file's last modification date. This is returned as U32 number. To see it in MM/DD/YY format you must create the indicator, right-click on it and select "Format & Precision..." item from drop-down menu. Then select "Time and Date" format there.

Good luck.

Oleg Chutko.
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Re: file date created

Thank You! Exactly what I'm searching for!

Your VI is still useful after 14 years :-D congratulations! Maybe it's time for NI to add this to regular features of LV??? At least in NXG...

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Re: file date created

...and now LabVIEW supports 64 bit integers Smiley Happy

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